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Here are some of my favourite resources for inspiration, learning, and online movement lessons and courses, as well as information for purchasing minimal footwear.

Movement Educators


Katy Bowman


One of the leaders in the Natural Movement movement, Katy is a biomechanist, author and movement educator.  Her work covers all aspects of movement and the way our environment shapes how we move.  She has written eight books including Whole Body Barefoot, Don’t Just Sit There, and her latest book, Grow Wild: The Whole-Child, Whole-Family, Nature-Rich Guide to Moving More


On her website you will find links to online classes/courses and podcasts.

Carol Robbins

Carol is a Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative 

Exercise Specialist and has been a staff teacher and mentor to RES around the world for many years. She continues to study with Katy Bowman as well as with anatomy teacher Irene Dowd (NYC). She lives in Toronto where she runs an online studio offering classes and workshops. She has several courses on her site including Rescue Your Feet, The Foundation for Whole Body Movement.

Petra Fisher

Also a student of Katy Bowman,  Petra discovered better movement as a path towards healing a wide range of her physical issues and now helps others do the same.  She offers online content and virtual one-on-one sessions.  Her Free Your Feet course is actually free, and is a great starting point for improving your foot health, and her Joints for Life course is a focused guide to maintaining joint health through Functional Range Conditioning™. 

Clayton Law

Clayton is a mobility teacher and behaviour change coach.  He hosts a podcast which features lively and far ranging conversations with fellow athletes about their journeys toward better health and life fulfillment.  Clayton also has a website where he offers mobility courses based on Functional Range Conditioning™,  and business coaching.

Jill Miller

Creator of Yoga Tune Up™ and The Roll Model™ Method,  Jill provides self-care strategies including self-massage.  As well she has teamed up with Katy Bowman to create an online program,  Walking Well - A Stepwise Approach to an Everyday Movement.



As well as Clayton's podcast, I enjoy listening to Join the Movement Movement for lively interviews with a very wide range of guests.  You can find these on podcast platforms.


If creating new movement habits (or any positive habit) is your goal, take a look at Tiny Habits - The Small Changes That Change Everything.  Author B.J. Fogg founded the Behavioural Design Lab at Stanford University and has been researching, and coaching behaviour change for over 20 years.  His premise to successful behaviour change is to keep the changes tiny, and celebrate each tiny success. As he says, we change best when we feel good about ourselves.

For a far ranging, enlightening and entertaining read, Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art by journalist James Nestor, combines history, science, humour and breathwork explorations.



Our Breath Collective is a group of dedicated breath guides who offer live, daily 20 minute virtual breathwork sessions, as well as courses and retreats. For a monthly subscription you have access to the live sessions, recordings of past sessions, as well as an online community where you can ask questions and share information. Each breath guide has a unique style and utilizes a variety of practices from various traditions. This is a great resource if you are looking to build a consistent breathwork practice.

Minimal Footwear Shopping

If you want to check out minimal footwear the Cool East Market in Toronto, and The Foot Collective, based in Ottawa both offer in-person and online shopping.

And both have a lot of useful information regarding foot health and minimal shoes on their websites.

Anya's Reviews is an amazing online resource for transitioning to minimal shoes and has dozens of reviews of minimal shoe brands.

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